09.Jul.2019 12:25

TBC Bank founder Mamuka Khazaradze plans to create a new civic movement

TBC Bank founder Mamuka Khazaradze plans to create a new civic movement

Founder of TBC Bank Mamuka Khazaradze has announced plans to create a new civil movement in September, which will attempt to "reintegrate occupied territories and preserve the country’s freedom and independence."

Khazaradze wrote on his Facebook page that the ongoing political processes demand a consolidation of all pro-western political forces. 

Khazaradze said that  it is not right to watch the challenges and the problems “the homeland faces” from the backstage.

"The consolidation of progressive, pro-western and healthy forces is as important today as ever” Khazaradze stated.

Khazaradze said that the movement will unite professionals from different fields, who are unanimous that Georgia should be a European state, with strong economy and the rule of law.

Khazaradze and his business partner Badri Japaridze are in the focus of ongoing money laundering investigation that Georgian Chief Prosecutor’s Office launched. Khazaradze's lawyers and NGOs familiar with the case details say that this investigation is groundless. 

Khazaradze said that the reason for the “ungrounded investigation” could be his involvement in the construction of Georgia’s strategically important Anaklia deep-sea port. Government strongly denies those allegations. 

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