09.Jul .2019 16:00

Russian Duma supports economic sanctions against Georgia

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The Russian State Duma adopted a statement at a plenary session today, urging the government of Russia to impose tough economic sanctions on Georgia and halt the import of wine and mineral waters from Georgia to the Russian Federation and put in place a ban on remittances from Russia.

The United Russia party first suggested the State Duma Council terminate the import of wine and waters from Georgia and to ban money transfers to the country; yesterday the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs supported the idea.

In recent weeks Russia has complained about anti-Russian protests in Georgia and on Monday condemned an obscene tirade against President Vladimir Putin on a Georgian TV channel Rustavi 2, calling it an unacceptable provocation by radical political forces in Georgia.

The Kremlin has already responded to events by suspending passenger flights between the two countries.

The Duma recommended Moscow to go further today and urged the government to impose economic sanctions on Tbilisi.

Source - Agenda.ge