03.Feb .2019 19:03

Qatari marine company Milaha to launch container shipments in Black Sea, Poti

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Qatar Navigation Company Milaha on Sunday announced the launch of the Black Sea Express Service feeder service, a new direct container transport service connecting Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Russia.

The new service is the first in Europe, linking the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, with a commitment to providing fast and reliable container transport services wherever customers and partners need it.

The BSX rotation is Piraeus (Greece), Kumport (Istanbul), Poti (Georgia), Novorossiysk (Russia), Piraeus (Greece), and will initially be served by two ships with 1,700 containers and 300 refrigerated containers, the company said.

Milaha's President and CEO Abdulrahman Essa Al Mannai highlighted that the introduction of the Black Sea Express Service reflects the company's success in expanding its coverage into new markets, amid a rising demand for its services.

‘This latest addition to our feeder services will complement our existing coverage in the Black Sea region and expand our reach to the Mediterranean Sea. This offers more flexibility to our customers through greater port coverage, increased reliability and reduced transit times, ‘he said.

The Black Sea Express Service (BSX) will enhance the company's position as a global provider of marine and logistics services and will reflect the company's outstanding operational capability by meeting the needs of its customers.

Milaha currently calls 12 ports directly and serves more than 20 ports via its Liner services in Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, South East Asia and Europe. In addition, the company has offices in more than 100 countries around the world, providing its customers with a comprehensive global service at the highest level. 

New service will increase container shipments in Georgia.

According to the official statistics published by the ministry of economy, in 2018 container shipments in Georgia has increased with 14%. Georgian ports have recieved over 412,000 containers (TEU) in 11 months of 2018.