20.Apr .2019 14:28

New Economy Minister of Georgia Speaks about her Vision

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Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze has officially signed the decree regarding the appointment of Natia Turnava as the new Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. Turnava has previously served as the Deputy Minister of Economy.

At a special press conference, Turnava spoke with the media as the Minister for the first time and stated that the Ministry has specific vision and specific tasks which should be fulfilled in specific timeframes.

“I want to thank the Prime Minister for the trust. I would also like to thank Mr. Kobulia for a short, but very interesting and efficient cooperation. It is an honour for me to lead the Ministry, which I’ve known quite well and in which highly qualified professionals are working. We have specific vision and specific tasks, which need to be fulfilled in specific timeframes and I will do everything in my hands to keep up with expectations”, stated Turnava.

Turnava emphasized that she will be an active lobbyist for small and medium enterprises, as well as for every citizen of Georgia.

“Our major goal is to transfer economic growth into the wellbeing of each family in Georgia, as well as to small and medium enterprises. This is exactly the task that I was given by the Prime Minister of Georgia. We have very little time for very ambitious plans.”

In regards to the economic growth, Turnava also stated that energy sector and transport should be the main contributors and that the development of these areas are of crucial importance.

The full biography of Natia Turnava as reported by the Ministry of Economy, looks as follows:

2012-2014 – MBA degree at UK University of Cambria (Zurich); 
2005-2006 – courses at Harvard and IMF in Collaboration with Robert Kennedy College; 
1990-1994 – PhD in Economics from Tbilisi State University;
1985-1990 – Economist, Faculty of Economy, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Diploma with Honor); 

Work Experience
Since April 18, 2019 – Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development;
2018-2019 - Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development;
2013-2018 – Deputy CEO of the Partnership Fund;
2006-2013 – Board Member of Georgian Industrial Group (GIG), CEO of Georgian International Energy Corporation (GIEC), Head of Board of Directors; 
2005-2006 – First Deputy Minister of Economy of Georgia;
May, 2005 – Deputy Secretary of Security Council; 
2000-2005 – First Deputy Minister of Economy of Georgia;
1998-2000 – Deputy Head of Financial and Budgetary Commission at Tbilisi City Council; 
1997-2000 – State Advisor at State Chancellery, Deputy Head of Financial and Budgetary Commission, Deputy Head of Economic Service, Acting Parliamentary.