08.Jun .2019 22:30

Natia Turnava Talked about Anaklia Port, Business Environment and Gazprom in Parliament

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Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia paid the visit to the Parliament of Georgia and spoke about recent developments in the field of economy.

“The indicators of Georgia’s economic growth are one of the most dynamic in the region and in 10 years it should exceed 5%, which is quite high. It has been mentioned on noted occasions that this is not enough and our governmental team plans to take measures in order to involve every unused resource in order to foster the economic growth”

In response to the question concerning Anaklia port project, Turnava responded that “Anaklia is a our priority. The process cannot be damaged”. She also added that the negotiations with different investors and banks are currently taking place. Moreover, Turnava said that in the investors overreacted to the news around Poti port.

“Financial package should be compiled in a very quick manner and we should go forward with this project. As it turns out, even the investors noticed that this was not the case, which required any noise”, stated Turnava.

Economy Minister also stated that the port in Poti is one of the most important facilities in Georgia with its history and strategic significance. She also added that the investor of Poti Port is APM terminal, which is the company of world-known “Maersk.

“With historic monopoly comes the dissatisfaction in regards to the tariffs. One of the most important motivators for us to develop Anaklia project was the lack of competition. More competition is needed everywhere, including between existing port in Poti and future deep-sea port in Anaklia“, stated Turnava.

Natia Turnava was also asked whether these two projects can be developed simultaneously. Economy Minister responded that at the moment Anaklia is the priority.
“We will examine APM’s project proposal very attentively and if we realize that there is any threat to the concept of Anaklia, we will demand to make relevant changes. There should be no threat to Anaklia. This is our response. . .Every single initiative will be discussed from the realm of Anaklia project”, stated Turnava
Economy Minister of Georgia also touched upon the new deal with Gazprom and explained why Georgia switched to the monetary payment:

“Gazprom has been switching to the monetary payment with all countries throughout past several years, including with the country like Belarus. Why would anyone think that that we would be any exception for the country like Russia, which has occupied part of Georgia”, stated Turnava.

According to Turnava, Russian gas is represent in Georgia only in commercial sector and its share is very small – 5%. She also added that we cannot there is no need to worry about the domination of Russian gas and that this never going to be the topic of concern.

Economic Minister also said that the government is starting to protect Georgian business very actively, especially those who are providing their service and operating abroad.

“The interests of these companies need to be protected and we should be lobbying them outside of Georgia, so that they are not discriminated in tenders and do not have any trade barriers”, stated Turnava.