27.May .2019 20:19

Kakha Kaladze: “Construction of Nenskra HPP will not increase the tariff – you’d rather investigate sources of funding of the NGOs that are against construction of this hydropower plant ”

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Kakha Kaladze, the Mayor of Tbilisi denies that Nenskra HPP contract is directed against the state and may cause increase of the electricity tariff.

According to Kakha Kaladze, projects like Nenskra HPP are necessary for the country's energy independence.

Kakha Kaladze advised journalists to investigate sources of funding of non-governmental organizations that are against construction of Nenskra HPP.

"This project is extremely important for the country's energy sector and energy development and we welcome such projects. This is a regulatory hydropower plant. By implementing this project, 300 million kW/h generation will be added to Enguri HPP, which is located below Nenskra. Consequently, by implementing this project, we will balance the electricity deficit too. We have so many problems, how power generated by Nenskra HPP will be sufficient for our energy system?! When you talk about NGOs, these people are against Georgia as an energy independent country and they are against Georgia being independent from neighboring countries. Generally, it is interesting who finances these non-governmental organizations. Let us investigate whether "Gazprom" is one of the main sponsors",- said Kaladze.

According to him, electricity tariff may change because investments in construction of new hydropower plants are taken into consideration.

"When we discuss energy independence of the country, especially electricity, we have the resources and we should do everything to use these resources rationally so that we do not depend on neighboring countries. As for the tariffs, all new hydropower plants that are built have higher tariffs compared to the old HPPs, because investments in construction of new ones are included into tariff.

Nenskra HPP is the only project that will be transferred to state ownership after several years; After 20 or 25 years, I do not remember exactly. As for insurance of state risks, this is an ordinary moment in the regulatory sector. The agreement is in compliance with all international standards. This project was not assessed by the World Bank as a wrong project. We need to implement such a project to make sure that you, our citizens, do not depend on electricity from neighboring countries. This will not reflect on the tariff, because we do not pay the electricity tariffs generated from this particular hydro power plant, we sum up, calculate average price and pay the average fee. There is no problem in this direction", - said Kaladze.