13.Jun .2019 13:57

Hourly parking starting in Tbilisi from August 1, parking fees to vary following A,B,C zones

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Zonal hourly parking will be introduced in the central district of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi from August 1, announced Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze at today’s government meeting, delaying its implementation by one month.

Kaladze said that zonal hourly parking will first be piloted on streets adjacent to Kote Abkhadzi (former Leselidze Street) and Abanotubani and later will be rolled out across Tbilisi.

Streets adjacent to Kote Abkhadzi and Abanotubani will be divided into category A, B and C and tariffs will vary accordingly:

Category A - 1 GEL (about $ 0.37/€ 0.32) per hour;
Category B - 2 GEL (about $ 0.74/€ 0.65) per hour;
Category C – 3 GEL (about $ 1.10/€ 0.97) per hour;

Paying the parking fee will be possible through payment machines, official website parking.tbilisi.gov.ge and a mobile application Tbilisi Parking.

Parking will be free of charge for residents of Kote Abkhazi Street or adjacent streets, for persons with disabilities, A-category taxi drivers and owners of electric cars as well, said Kaladze.

Kaladze said that the zonal parking mode will be totally new for Tbilisi and it will allow the Tbilisi municipality to regulate traffic flow in the city. He underlined the necessity of paid parking to reduce environmental pollution and traffic and to encourage people to use public transport.

Kaladze also noted that except for the regulated parking system, new MAN type buses will move in these areas to make the traffic movement more flexible and comfortable for the population.

In order to better inform Tbilisi residents about the new regulation special booths will be installed in the city where citizens can find all needed information. Also, Tbilisi City Hall plans to print booklets and distribute them to the people living in the Kote Abkhazi and Abanotubani areas.

Source - Agenda.ge