10.May .2019 00:48

Georgian embassies are required monitor foreign markets to avoid falsification of Georgian products

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Georgian embassies are now obliged to monitor foreign markets in order to avoid falsification of Georgian agricultural products and wine, announces Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Alexander Khvtisiashvili.

Khvtisiashvili said that as a result, counterfeit products will be identified and the “relevant agencies” will work to eliminate the problem.

"These agencies will provide information about the alleged counterfeit products to the capital city [Tbilisi] and after that we, the ministry and our agencies – in this case Sakpatenti – will fight jointly against falsification”, said Khvtisiashvili.

The Georgian National Wine Agency and the National Intellectual Property Centre Sakpatenti have been fighting against the sale of fake Georgian wine abroad.

For example, counterfeit Georgian wine was removed from sale in Ukraine and in Poland last year.

Source - agenda.ge