04.Jul .2019 17:54

Economy Minister presents Georgia’s potential to Italian investors at business forum

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The Georgian capital of Tbilisi has hosted a Georgia-Italy Business Forum, where Economy Minister of Georgia Natia Turnava said that the number of Italian companies has been constantly increasing on the Georgian market.

She said that in 2000-2018 Georgia received $167 million in Italian investments in various fields of the economy.

Turnava highlighted the preferential investment environment of Georgia at the forum, saying that despite the small marketplace, Georgia is still a very attractive country for investments.

"You might think that Georgia with its 3.7 million population is not a profitable market. But if you see Georgia as a regional hub you will see completely different [potential] here. We see Georgia as a gateway not only for the South Caucasus but also for Central Asia, the European Union, the Western and Eastern markets”, said Turnava.

Turnava stated that investors in Georgia are able to have customs tariff-free access to a 2.3 billion market that is possible thanks to the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area deal signed with the EU and free trade agreements signed with China (including Hong-Kong), European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Ukraine and Turkey.

About 230 Italian and 150 Georgian companies attended the business forum.

Source - Agenda.ge