14.Aug .2018 16:30

Before the end of the year, ‘bottle-swallowing’ machines will be installed in Tbilisi

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Before the end of the year, ‘bottle-swallowing’ machines will be installed in Tbilisi, - BM.ge was told about this in Tbilisi City Hall.

According to them, they are actively working on the idea with the author Kukuri Baramidze.

As Baramidze stated to BM.ge, the machines will serve as a kind of ATMs of the plastic processing plant, from which people will be able to get cash.

“For instance, if the price for a bottle of Coca-Cola is 2.00 GEL, you will pay 2.20 for it, however, this doesn’t mean that the price for the drink has increased. You can return the difference, which is 0.20 GEL, from the ‘bottle-swallowing machines’,” – stated Baramidze.

According to him, the cash returned for a bottle will be determined according to the price added to the drink.

“If a buyer doesn’t want to lose the added amount (i.g., 0.20 GEL), they will drop the bottle into the machine or somebody living in hardship will be able to use this amount and get at least some money for food,” – stated the author.

Besides, according to Baramidze, initially only plastic bottles can be dropped into the machine, however, later, we will work also on glass bottle machines.

As to the locations of the machines, “bottle-swallowing machines” will be installed first in Tbilisi and then in other regions of Georgia.

The “Bottle-Swallowing Machine” Project is being implemented under the project “Your Idea to the Major of the City”. Presently, Tbilisi City Hall is considering 11 projects.