05.May.2019 18:00

‘Bank of Georgia’ and ‘TBC Bank’ Interested in Purchasing ’Georgian Post’

‘Bank of Georgia’ and ‘TBC Bank’ Interested in Purchasing ’Georgian Post’
'Bank of Georgia’ and ‘TBC Bank’ are interested in purchasing ’Georgian Post’” – stated the Director General of Georgian Post, Levan Chikvaidze when he responeded to the question regarding the privatization of Georgian Post.

According to Chikviadze, foreign companies are interested in purchasing the post. He also added that they are actively working with the TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia in the direction of strategic partnership.

“The process is ongoing, we are working to privatize Georgian Post as quickly as possible. We started commercialization with the purpose of selling in 2013. Two local banks, TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia, are interested and we are also working with them on strategic partnership. Several companies involved in electronic commerce are also interested”, stated Chikvaidze.

Director of Georgian Post cannot specify the exact date of privatization and says that first the auditing process should. The process will assess the cost of Georgian Post.

Total assets of Georgian Post amouns to 73 million GEL. Georgian government has planned to sell post office since 2015.

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